We go #green,
together hand in hand.

Clean green and sustainable energy use, is the new standard.


Energy generated environmental pollution,
we are strictly against it.

The Earth's climate is changing, exposing ecosystems, human health and the economy to increasing risks. The recently published EEA report on "Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016en" shows that several regions of Europe are already affected by the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels, more and more extreme weather events, floods, droughts and storms.


Energy use is by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities worldwide. Around two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions arise in connection with the combustion of fossil fuels to produce energy for heating, power generation, transport and industry. In Europe, too, energy-related processes are the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 78% of total EU emissions in 2015.

Our use and generation of energy has a massive impact on the climate, and the same applies vice versa, and to an increasing extent. Climate change can change our energy production potential and our energy needs. For example, changes in the hydrological cycle have an impact on hydroelectric power, and when temperatures are warmer, energy requirements for air conditioning increase in summer, while heating requirements decrease in winter.

We murder the Earth.

With a click of the mouse, you can send news around the world and the Internet is always available. But you don't see that behind it are server landscapes covering an area of 185 million square meters.

Google says of its search engine that every search query produces 0.2 grams of CO2. 0.2 grams of CO2 sounds little, but when you consider that more than 3.5 billion clicks are generated every day via Google, you can see the relations. "With the power consumption of a search click, you could also make a light bulb shine for eleven seconds," says physicist Werner Gruber, so that users can better imagine the extent of their energy consumption. 


Billions of search queries daily

The nature can also strike back.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has warned against further destruction of the environment by humans. "We are at war with nature, and the problem with nature is that nature fights back," Guterres declared in New York on the occasion of the International Day of Peace.

"Today, peace is confronted with a new danger: the climate problem, which threatens our security, our livelihood and our lives," the UN Secretary-General continued.

Join in, stay clean and green.

Register yourself and your company or project for the "We go green" campaign and thus keep a promise and alliance with nature.

Green is the colour of the future. This is what these companies see.

All companies and projects listed here adhere to the following guidelines for using and following renewable energies.

A reminder of what we are fighting for.

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